Sill Plate

I was recently inspecting a garage of a 40 year old home. The sill plate was visible. It did not appear to be press treated lumber, but it didn’t seem to be in bad shape either. Did they use to use pine tar lumber on sill plates against concrete?

Chris Jacobi
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I see them all the time on concrete and usually in good condition. its not treated but it would be dumb to replace it, dont you agree?

did it have a sill seal or homasote board between it and the block?

Unlikely on a 40-year old home, but I’m only guessing.

40 years ago,
We did not have sill seal, we used fiberglass wool.

We did not have pressure treated lumber.

We had creosote for retaining walls.

Top of Foundation walls were smooth and kept dry while framing.

Cuprinol coatings for preservatives were coming out.


Northern Maine was always ten years behind times from Florida.

As a Carpenter in Florida in 1970, I saw materials that did not show up in Maine until 1980. ;):):smiley:

well here we used a homasote type 1/2’ thick board and regular 2x sill material cause we were waaaaay ahead of You guys…just sayin…called it a termite board by the way…

Termites forgot about us in Norther Maine Jim. ;):slight_smile:

I know partner…we kept em here …

How did that homesote work for termites Jim?

Did you not still have a termite shield of alluminum?

Some younger inspectors might want to know.

You know, like myself and others. ;):mrgreen::slight_smile:

just for you young guys Marcel…the homesote board sat below the sill and was supposed to be a bad taste for termites and other wood eating critters…and turn them around back to the dirt where they came from…of course they eventually came up with treated lumber and this was no longer necessary…shortly after this they invented fire…

OBSERVATION. Sill plate was not treated.
No deficiencies.
NOTE: Pressure treated lumber may not have been required when the house was built. We recommend to the buyer observe the component yearly.
It is recommended that maintenance involves yearly observation.
by taking photographs of components system and structure may allow any homeowner too better understand that component and be prepared for the likelihood of maintenance and repairs.

This tip was brought to you courtesy of Montreal Home Inspection Services. Inc.
Remember, “Being forewarned is being forearmed.”:slight_smile: