Simple Math - Right?


CHEATER! You weren’t supposed to Google it! I came up with 1 as the answer and found out I’d be right prior to 1917. That really dates me! :+1:

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Oh, I had seen it before. I came up with 1 on that occasion. The explanation fascinated me enough that I had saved the link.

Based on how I was taught math operations and their order using PEMDAS
Parentheses (solve equations inside first)
Multiplication / Division
Addition / Subtraction

I got the answer 1 as well

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If I saved that link I would never find it again!


I get 9. What did you get?

I got one, then I googled it and got 9

I do not have to have the answers, I just need to know where to find the answers :smile:


First thing you do is replace the missing multiplier x.

6 / 2(1 + 2) = 6 / 2 x (1 + 2), then the rest is simple arithmetic. The obvious answer is 9.

I did the same thing quickly in my head and got 1. But I think the problem is that the equation is simple arithmetic but written as an algebraic equation. I solved the parenthesis first but then proceeded to multiply 2 to the result as if I was trying to solve for x or y.

Personally, I don’t think I confused it with pre-1917 math since I went to elementary school in the seventies.


It would take too much time to write down how I solved this with today’s math. This was the easy way.


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1 … …9-3*3+1=

I come up with 1.

I came up with 3

How did you do that?

1 divided by 3 = .333333…

I don’t know if I’m right or not :slightly_smiling_face:

9 - (3 / .3333) + 1
9 - (9) + 1 = 1

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