Simply amazing

Second time to find this, as my friend Carl once said (they walk among us):shock:

So who is dumber the electrician for putting it there or the cabinet guy for not saying hello we need to move something first. Oh it was the wife, can you hide that ugly thing:shock::shock::shock:

I see your cabinet, and raise you a Zinsco… :wink:


Yup. The classical hide that panel. I find it tends to me more common based on the area. Typical in condos where the panel is near the kitchen or in the kitchen itself.

I know the feeling Charley, got one on Friday.


I had one really similar to that one Charley, not to long ago.

Same here, just yesterday…and that bidet sprayed me in the face!

Hey dude thats not a drinking fountain ;-):stuck_out_tongue:

That needs to go in the post Things that make you go eweee:D

Client had a good laugh; told her that pressure was good and should get the job done but a vacuum break was required to prevent cross contamination of water supply.

Yup, I’ve had one in the kitchen pantry before, but my favorite was the one I could barely find!
Looked everywhere in every room, had the clients and agent looking with me!
Finally found it behind a painting in the freaking bathroom. :shock::roll:

I’d bet a dollar that it was the cabinet guy (or the HO who put up those cabinets); No electrician in his right mind would do something like that…
The panel usually is where it is, but people think it’s OK to build a cabinet around it.
I can imagine that when done, they stand back and marvel at their “handy” work…