Single line on a 2 pole breaker

If it is at 120 volts it’s only heating the water at 1/4 of it’s rated output.


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I think you might be on to something. Very well could be a gas range replaced an electric and was not prewired with a separate 120V so they pigtailed one side for a receptacle to provide the needed 120V power for the range. And if that is the case they need to replace with a 20amp as you pointed out to protect the range.

If I am not mistaken, the toggle bridge should be removed if the CB is providing 120 on one circuit.

Here in the US that is not required and with a 2-pole circuit breaker it would not matter because besides the handle-tie on the outside a trip mechanism between the 2-poles is internally connected.


Correct as far as it goes. Not all breakers have the internal connection. Some breakers (see a different thread) look like two pole breakers but are in fact two one pole breakers, and are not internally connected.

I have no problem with a half loaded two pole breaker.
The problem comes the other way arround.

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I think you are putting way to much thought and time into this unless you are the electrician the home owner hired to figure it out, bottom line proper sized breaker for wire size regardless if double pull breaker, each work individually and can be separated by removing link… beyond scope and expertise level.

The 2-pole 40 amp CB in the photo is labelled common trip which means that it’s trip mechanism is indeed internally connected.

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Unless indicated (labelled) otherwise on the breaker, it’s going to be common trip.