Single or duplex outlet

My niece was given a tanning bed and it needs to be plugged into an outlet that is on its own dedicated circuit, The instructions shows it should be on a single plug-in outlet, is there any reason why I could not use a duplex outlet and just break the connection tab off so only 1/2 of it works. I am just curious if there is some kind of rating between these two outlets that keeps me from using the duplex or if it is just because they do not want anything plugged in while the tanning bed is running? Thank you

In affect, the tanning bed is an appliance to be placed on a dedicate circuit. Requires an electrician to route the proper AWG cable and install a separate break or switch. It’s 240 I take it.

The safety reason to use a single outlet. so 120 V equipment do not get connected.

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Any instructions that are part of the listing of the tanning bed must be followed so technically you’re required to follow what they’re telling you. Ignoring that and just looking at a 120 volt branch circuit (you posted 120 volt receptacle photo’s) and a receptacle there are several options.

All of these would be code compliant for a 20 amp branch circuit:
20 amp circuit with a single 20 amp receptacle.
20 amp circuit with a 20 amp duplex receptacle.
20 amp circuit with a 15 amp duplex receptacle.

Are you sure the bed has a 120V 20amp plug? and not 240V?

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Why would you not just install the receptacle type that the manufacturer calls for rather than install a duplex with a dead receptacle? The receptacle and cover will be the least expensive and challenging part of providing the tanning bed with a dedicated circuit.

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The tanning bed is 120V, The reason I cannot change out the outlet for a single plug-in outlet is because the box is a 2 gang box so one outlet I was just going to not run power to it and leave outlet in place as a filler for the cover plate and the other outlet I was going to use for the tanning bed but break off the tab so only one plug-in is useful. This electrical box is actually in a cinder block wall and wallpapered around it, and I cannot find a two gang cover plate with a single plug-in slot. I tried my best to explain hopefully this makes sense why I cannot turn it into a single plug outlet

Also I confirmed that this one outlet will be on a 20amp circuit breaker of its own

Hi Greg,
I think I would try getting a double blank cover and using a hole saw, drill out for the single outlet. May be worth a try. I have done something similar in industrial applications.

Expensive, butI think this is one:

Damn Amazon has everything!

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I forget to check with Amazon even though my bride as a daily delivery from them! I’m surprised they are not putting a warehouse on my property! :laughing:


Would this work?

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use proper receptacle & modify $1 coverplate w/1-13/32 in. diameter hole
prolly won’t be ul/nec compliant but will get’er done

Double gang blank plate and a hole saw gets it done. Use the center screw hole between the duplex receptacles in the old plate to center your hole.

Your 2-gang box inside a block wall is dedicated? :thinking: How many sets of wire is in the 2-gang box?

You need a 2-gang single receptacle plate. Home depot $10.

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Or, simply tell her that tanning beds cause skin cancer and shouldn’t be used. :smiley:


There is just one feed wire and then pigtails to the next outlet

I did look for those cover plates at Menards and Ace Hardware, I will look into Home Depot and Lowe’s

That kinda what I figured. So it’s only dedicated if it’s first in line on the daisy chain and you don’t connect any others to it. Is that your intention?