Alum wire - fix or replace?

Have an option to either use AlumiConn connectors to remedy five aluminum branch circuits, or to replace the circuits with copper in order to qualify for a new policy with Citizen’s.

The AlumiConns would be cheaper initially, but I don’t know how Citizen’s is handling a home repaired in this fashion. I’ve read that while one may be able to obtain insurance with this fix done, the rates they get will be higher.


  1. Replace AL wiring with copper, submit 4P showing all copper wire = premium 1200/yr.; or:

  2. Use AlumiConns on the needed connections, submit 4P = premium 2000/yr.

In this example, it would seem to make sense to re-wire - but, I don’t know if that’s true and if they assign a higher rate to a remedied home versus one that was all copper to begin with… Hope my question is clear.

Anyone have any knowledge/input on this topic?

Appreciate the help - :smiley:

spend now or spend over time. Your choice. The best is to just get it done and over with. Even with crmps, the stigma is still there for future resale. It will also never be a cost effective in the future as it is today.

I gotta agree with Sean. Best to replace it all.

It looks like you picked up that place in Spring Hill, let me know if I can help you with the pool in any way. And good luck in the new place.

Most insurance companies are minimizing the risks that they used to charge a premium for, such as aluminum wiring.

Even if you use a product that is currently approved, they may change their policy rating system in the future, which would require you to spend more money to re-wire.

Citizens, as of today, accepts Copalum and AlumiCon connectors installed by a Florida Licensed Electrician. Who knows what may happen in the future, or if/when Citizens stops writing PR-M insurance your options are very limited.

Anecdotally, I’ve heard customers getting the “30 day to remedy” letter for having aluminum wiring, “repaired” or not.


Thanks Sean and Larry. Ideally replacement is best for sure - but with cash very tight, just really wondering what the impact would be on yearly premium one way or the other to make the decision. If anyone knows if a repaired (via alumiconns) home will carry higher premiums with Citizen’s (versus all copper to begin with) - that would really be helpful.

Also, I’m trying to figure our what exactly the wiring situation is… I noted five of the neutral wires appear to be aluminum, but none of the conductors leaving the breakers seemed to be aluminum. Been studying as much as I can about electric circuitry but can’t really figure out why the whole circuit isn’t one way or the other… Hope that is clear as well and am open to learning if anyone can enlighten me. :slight_smile:

PS - Larry thanks so much for your past generous offering of your expertise. You are certainly the first person I would call or recommend for pool repair for sure!

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Hi Dom - appreciate your input and time. As a matter of clarification though, when you say that alumiconn connectors are to be installed by a Florida licensed electrician - I’m not seeing this as a requirement in their publications… Rather, they will accept if details of remediation are supplied along with an electrician’s testimony that everything’s been done - not necessarily that he/she did the work… If you believe the case is otherwise - I’m interested to hear.

Thanks again -


Citizens will ask for a certification from the electrician, so he has to go out there and inspect the panel and repairs. (If you are doing the work as owner/builder, you still need a permit.)

Also, you know that’s a Zinsco panel, and it should be replaced. You can probably get the electrician to re-wire those 5 circuits and replace the panel for a good package price.


You actually bought this home? :slight_smile:

I would say re-wire it including new panels, re-plumb it (galvanized), re-roof it, and replace everything else! :slight_smile:

Yup - panel replacement is definitely gonna happen… “good package price” is not so likely ---- :frowning:

Appreciate it!

Yeah - and I think it’s gonna be great once its re-built!! :slight_smile: