Single Wall Vent (Oil Furnace)

Single wall furnace vent piping (Direct Vent - Induced Draft Fan).

Piping runs approximately 50 feet to the front wall of the home.

(6) 45 degree bends.
(1) 90 degree elbow.

Vent pipe is run horizontally between the floor joists and suspended ceiling.

The last picture is classic. The Service records indicated that the HVAC tech had just evaluated and completed repair to the vent piping.

That flue looks rather corroded and leaky. Being a 50’ run, it would seem there must be some shorter route to the exterior. The furnace must have replaced some other original source of heat. Otherwise, there would be a chimney available.

Jim King

Hopefully their are other HVAC Contractors to call on to make repairs to this system.
The Service Tech. of note, should have to foot the bill and spend the time to make the repairs necessary to bring this system up to safe operating condition, if I’m enterpreting you pics accurately.

I can’t believe any of this work was permitted and/or inspected/approved.

I do believe they have exceided the maximum allowable bends in a gas vent pipe.:mrgreen:
They did have the right pitch though? lol

Man, can I spell or what? lol

Depends on the size of the vent piping as compared to the equipment manufacturer specifications/recommendations. Longer runs and/or multiple bends generally need an increased direct vent piping size over the minimum (which will be the connection size at the equipment)

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