Sinking skyscraper in SF

Pretty amazing to think this 58 story skyscraper has settled 16" and tilted 2" since completion.

I think Bubber better head out there to figure out what the heck is going on! :wink:

Thanks tom lets hope no earth quake comes along

Yea, right… just how many times has this been said in the movies such as Earthquake, Towering Inferno, etc… ???

I heard that it’s sinking so fast now they are going to rename it Trump Tower

Did it insult the Military community as well ?


There’s the problem right there.
Valued Engineering that will hit them in the arse. Friction piles won’t cut it for a building like that in a seismic zone.

How do you compensate for a building sinking 16" at street level?

Where did the 16" go?

I worked at Simcoe Ice Many years ago . They built large freezer units to send to Alberta .
They would freeze the sand so they could drill through it .
I wonder would this be a good system to stop the building from settling .

I was wondering the same thing Marcel.
Built in 2009.

My guess is there has been some major street level
work done to compensate.

It amazes me that this kind of cost cutting move was allowed
to be done not just on a project of this size but also one
in a major quake zone.