Skylight Flashing

Permitted tear off and re-roof in 2001 here in Florida. Any opinions on this picture? All the skylights show signs of previous water infiltration. Three of them are flashed in this manner. I’m no roofing expert so I thought I’d ask a few on this board. Thanks in advance.

Step-flashing is required for the sidewall condition. Also… those shingles look like they’re well not bonded at the adhesive strip, which is a major problem with wind resistance. The exposure looks like it varies some, too.

No step flashing. No back pan. Look closely and you can see the water has no exit, except under the shingles on the top corners.

Looks like one of those older one-piece skylights with the “flashing” built in to the design. Useless! I haven’t seen one yet that didn’t leak. Newer skylights have the flashing kit as a separate entity altogether; cost’s more initially, but when installed properly, do not leak.