Skylight - Mitigation Inspection

Roof has a skylight over an entry porch, not in living area that is not rated. Does this have to be classified as an “unprotected or not rated” skylight?

Bruce Meyer
Florida Home Inspections

Does not matter. What area do you work in?

Just what I think. My Opinion is it should matter if it goes through a roof that is attached to the main roof.
Just a flat roof with exposed trussed that do not go into main house I would say it does not matter.

Things to make you go Hmmmmmm.

Come on geniuses tell us what you “KNOW” :slight_smile:

The answer you seek is on the form. Skylight, X at no protection.
A picture would be helpful.

I don’t include skylights that are over open porches, even if it is in the main roof structure. If breached, it is no different than a gable vent which is not considered on the 1802. I believe the true risk for the carriers is water intrusion into the living space.

Needs to be properly captioned or described though.

Ditto what Bradley said…


I do the same as Bradley. Just document it.

I also agree with John and Bradley. Common sense guys!!