Skylight rating?

Does anybody know what rating this skylight is for a wind mit?

You cannot give this skylight a rating if you have no other documentation for it.

The stamp would be the documentation, if I can find out the rating of the glass. My client had all new rated windows installed and the window company stated she didn’t need a new rated skylight.

Tempered glass is not impact rated

I know tempered glass by itself is not rated. I am wondering if all of the other markings give this skylight a rating?

Exactly!!! :wink:

i would say skylight-X, without further documentation

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Look up ANSI 2.97 1.198.4, (or whatever it is) the last nomiclature on the mark.

I believe, and might be wrong but, in order to qualify the skylight must show one of these testing standards…

ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996.

If it does not then it gets an X.


The ANSI information only correlates to standards for air leakage, water penetration, structural strength and forced-entry resistance. It does not correlate to the FBC impact test standards. The SGCC is the saftey glazing certification council stamp for the tempered glass. If you are lucky, there may be etching on the actual tube in the attic, I have found some Velux or SolarTube etchings that way, otherwise, there is nothing on that to make it impact rated.

Yes, I found all kinds of this and that about how tough it is and so forth, but no FBC or ASTM. Bummer for the woman that spent almost 3K on all new rated windows. I am going to suggest having it replaced for the discount. Thank you everyone.

Go to a roofing supply store. They have serious skills in identifying skylights.

I did one wed that had two skylights. The home was a 93,no documents,looked for markings while on this steep roof by the way and found nothing. It got an X and I am done. You can only do so much before it becomes labor intensive that probably yields same results anyway. I give it a good effort and clock out.

That’s all we can do sometimes Wayne. It is what it is.


This tempered glass is not impact rated.
And now what is there no way to find out? :mag_right::mag_right: