What the heck?

From yesterday’s inspection. Weird, ain’t it?


I think some homeowner is messing with your mind!
What an eclectic grouping of weird objects to be found in an attic…

possibly used for growing their own “spices”? and keeping a sharp knife for harvesting.

the vent with the filter on it would give plenty of “tropic” like weather too.

That was the buyer’s guess as well. I think you guys may be right.

I’ve heard of people running around with tinfoil hats. But haven’t seen any attached in the attic.

Weird place. Help me grow smoking material???

I would say definitely a grow house…

Lets give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say this is where he is starting his tomato plants for the spring. I still don’t get the knife sharpener though.

I would have to agree, I inspect grow operations for the Federal Govt. and this certainly looks like one.

So he has a sharp knife to cut the tomatoes off the plants with!!!

Most definitely

C’mon, guys, that tinfoil thing in pic #1 is obviously to keep the Aliens from abducting him anymore . . .

Sorry can’t help myself here…E.T. …Phooooone Hooooome!

I’d report…

“Questionable activities noted in the attic. You may wish to check with the local law enforcement for records of criminal acitivies associated with this residence.”

You should know or expect past customers to show up.:shock: