Slip joint at SE Cable Conduit

Does anyone here see anything wrong with this type of conduit connection. I am going to recommend it for strapping/clamping. I am just not sure about that improvised slip joint with the 2 conduit sizes. Seems to me that it would be good once the upper conduit has been secured to the house. Hoping to get a 2nd opinion. House is a new build.

That sounds reasonable, Arthur.

But it is sloppy work for a new build.

I thought it was a good way to prevent damage from the inevitable settling around the new foundation. I don’t know it thats what they were thinking when they installed it

Thanks Larry!

PVC fittings are required to be listed. Arlington makes a slip fitting for this purpose. If they just put together two different size raceways then that would be a technical violation. A fitting that is there for ground settlement and frost heaving is required by the NEC.

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Thanks Robert!

You’re Welcome.
Here’s the earth movement requirement from the NEC for reference.

300.5(J) Earth Movement. Where direct-buried conductors, raceways, or cables are subject to movement by settlement or frost, direct-buried conductors, raceways, or cables shall be arranged so as to prevent damage to the enclosed conductors or to equipment connected to the raceways.
Informational Note: This section recognizes “S” loops in under‐ ground direct burial cables and conductors to raceway transitions, expansion fittings in raceway risers to fixed equipment,
and, generally, the provision of flexible connections to equipment subject to settlement or frost heaves.

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