Sloppy Insulation

The more i use this camera, the more I find or realize how the lack of the smallest details actually results in poor performance of the house.
This guys home had a poor insulation job done when it was built and it shows.
Here are a few photos. Obviously a poor job insulating the walls. One section was missing all together.

Are you sure the insulation was missing or could that have been air convection from poorly installed insulation? Be careful what you report. I saw this posted on an international professional blog:

No, the first pic was missing. I went into the attic to look. The rest was just poorly installed.

How did you do to verify it was poorly installed or missing and how did you report it? You probably should get some training for that equipment before you get yourself in trouble. Read the disclaimer on that video.

I usually don’t report little areas of sloppy insulation. If there’s a significant amount of insulation missing such as half the ceiling or an entire wall than I do report it.

If you start reporting every single area of sloppy or missing insulation while bragging about how your camera found it than your gonna be labeled a “deal killer”.

I always make a point to show home buyers how well certain areas are insulated vs. how I found a tiny area of missing insulation. I point out major defects but I also use the infrared to provide the buyer with confidence instead of leaving them worried about small things my camera was able to detect. Every home has a few small areas of missing insulation.

I brought up the areas below because the areas are large enough to have a significant effect on their electric bill. For the most part, I try an stay away from being a home inspector/energy consultant combo.




Infrared Missing Insulation1.jpg

Infrared Missing Insulation2.jpg

Actually, I was only over at this house for some other things. I personally know the guy and I was just looking around.

The post was not to boast about reporting insulation defects, only just to share how one never realizes the real effect of poor insulation job until you can see it in another light…

I know for a fact that many code enforcement officers DO NOT inspect the insulation at all prior to installation of the sheetrock. (After the rough-in inspection, they don’t return until the final.) Even if it was put in fully, if it wasn’t stapled, it tends to fall down and compress over time. Thus the uninsulated space at the top of the wall.

I know Sean. I wasn’t trying to give you a hard time or anything. I was just posting how I personally handle insulation issues since the topic was about insulation.

I’m glad you posted some images. I wish more folks would post images. Glad your enjoying your camera.