Sloppy wiring

Is there anything in the code that would not allow the bending / curling in these wires




No… well, sorta. 110.12 (the workmanship spec) references NECA standards in a fine print note. The fine print notes are not enforceable text, but the NECA workmanship standards would prevent that install. If the inspector used the NECA workmanship guidelines as his rules of thumb on 110.12 matters, it would be a violation. From my standpoint, as an electrician, I seeing something like that would just cause me to look a little harder for other, more genuine violations that are sure to exist. If a guy doesn’t bother to make stuff you can see neat and orderly, what you can’t see is bound to be sorely screwed up.

I can quote you the NECA spec that specifically relates to that photo, if that would be helpful to you at all.

I would appreciate it if you would do that Marc.

NECA 1, Article 9, Section N:
n) The length of conductors within cabinets and
cutout boxes shall be sufficient to neatly train the
conductor to the termination point with no excess
(see Figure 11). Allow sufficient cable length for thermal
contraction of conductors to prevent damage of
insulation or dislodging connections.

Mind you, this is not enforcable text. It it simply a referenced standard in the NEC’s workmanship section.

I understand, but it definetly helps me back up my point of sloppy workmanship.