Slouching toward geezerhood

Please be careful on stairs and ladders until you get used to them.:wink:

I already have that w/o correction. My problem was driving at night *.

I can’t read close work out of my right eye but can out of my left. So, I still don’t need glasses for 95% of what I do.*

still have a pretty good 3 yard burst myself.:wink:>>>>

So do I but it hurts like hell when I hit the ground.

Here you go Joe, for entering geezerdom. Notice my Sherpa in the background in charge of getting my belly up the hill. Perhaps you could get one to see for you.:smiley:

Joe. Make up your mind! Does it blow (may be a good thing :cool: ) or suck (may also be a good thing :mrgreen: ).

For heaven sakes, man. You are a highly educated professional who makes his living presenting logical, rational and well-thought-out legal arguments.

Make up your MIND!

BK …:smiley: …looks like your Serpa is played…:stuck_out_tongue:

He earned his keep Dale:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You’ve got hot legs Brian. ;):twisted:

Nice pic Brian. Who took it?


I think his other Sherpa who didn’t make it to the top…:stuck_out_tongue:

Funny you should say that. I had to get my son Seán to read a serial number off of the bottom of my new TIVO DVR so that DIRECTV could re-activate my service. They don’t tell you that you need that number until after you have the friggin’ thing installed.

The good news is it’s ready for some IRISH football!!

Michael, Thanks for the hint.