Avg age of home inspectors

Just curious of the average age…

Start a poll.

Most are old as the hills.

Who would hire a 20 something?

poll is on top.

Why are you curious? How old are you?

Saw it this time,but was not there the first ,so I hope you just added it or maybe I have early Alzheimer’s

Getting old sucks…


Did a crawl recently in a home and may have found some dirt older than us! :D:D

No particular reason, just I always assumed HI’s were dried up old farts(just kidding). Really, I’m just wondering how many of the younger generation are in the business, or does the older crew still rule the roost. I’m 31 yrs old. Just a young pup still learning the ropes.

At least a 20 something would have seen the poll the first time. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

All my customers did for years until I was not a 20 something :mrgreen: My brother who inspects for me is still a 20 something.

Nothing against people who get a late start in life but I owned a few successful businesses before I was 30… and plan on keeping that trend until I retire before I’m 50 :shock:

Seriously age is a factor as this biz definitely has a stereotype to it, to say otherwise is not true. Majority of inspectors are white middle/late aged men. But I know many good young and old inspectors here on the board and locally in my area.

I feel I’m in good mental and physical condition which should be a factor when deciding to become a home inspector.

If my customers had any doubts before the inspection with age, I promise they had none by the time I was done :slight_smile:

I would say the average age of a home inspector is 52?

35 with some grey hair so I can pull off 40. lol

40 something with little hair :frowning: on a bad day I can pull off 60 :shock::wink:



So here’s the question of the day. Picture or no picture on your website for the younger guys due to the perception that most HI’s are in their 50’s?

32, Jet black hair. Rock hard abs.:wink: Not sure why being young would be a bad thing? I can crawl around attics better than the rats than live in them.

47, medium build, wrinkles, and no grays yet.

If I can live to be 58, I’m going to have my son inspecting homes at 18 years old. He will be the new owner of Massachusetts Home Inspections.

I had him inspecting furnaces at 5 years old.

49 and counting

63; gray hair lends credibility if your not gray add it, guys like Gerry B are just up the creek:p:D:mrgreen: or is that Crick

I though pushing 5 year-olds up chimneys was considered illegal in most states :mrgreen: mind you I’d be happy to rent David Jr off you if he’s still small enough to fit :shock::wink:



Maybe you should stop.:stuck_out_tongue:

He never said if he was counting up, or down :wink:



Add it? I’m good. My education adds to my credibility. Sure, I can’t possibly have as much experience as most of you, but I’m already a good inspector. And just imagine how good I’m going to be in 30 or 40 years when I’m as old as all of you guys.:stuck_out_tongue: