Slowest days of the week for inspections

Good afternoon. I am curious to know which days of the week are the slowest for inspections usually. I am just starting out and will be dropping my current full time job down to part time 3 days a week. I can choose which days I set to work so I didn’t know if there were certain days and times of the day that you were busier than others. Any insight would be appreciated.

When I first started out Mondays and Tuesdays were generally the slowest days actually inspecting house but those days were the busiest days answering the phone setting up inspections because the clients would go to open houses on the weekends and set up their appointments the following days.

Nowadays there aren’t any slow days unless I decide to take a day or two off to golf and being in Northeast Ohio that won’t happen for a while.

Thanks Dave! My current job (assistant golf pro) is 6am to 2pm so I can still do inspections in the afternoons luckily. Come down to Orlando and you can play year round besides the afternoon rain and lightning every day in the summer and high possibility of heat stroke before you reach the 18th green.

My plan is to move to Costa Rica in the “near” future…not sure what the courses are like there. I’ll have to check that out.


No such thing as a slow day unless you create it .

Several months ago I looked at all the inspections I had done so far for 2016 and noticed Tuesday was by slowest day. After some thinking, I decided to embrace Tuesday as the day I would work on marketing, and catching up on various loose ends that go with running a business. I then proceeded to have at least one inspection on every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks.

The reality is if you are self employed, there is no slow day. If you are not inspecting that day, you are marketing. If you are not marketing, you are doing continuing education. If you are not doing continuing education, you’re working on your systems and templates to improve your work flow.

I take time off to be with my wife and kids, but otherwise running your own business is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week career.

Thank you guys very much! I figured there weren’t really any “slow days” in this industry once things get going.