Small spots of caulking/tar at roof surface

Anyone seen this before? Newer roof. Spread out over entire roof section(s) there were small “dabs” of asphalt cement, 1/2 the size of a dime. All the same size.

It was not indented.

To me it looks like it came from manufacturer this way.

Any other ideas?

Yes! I’ve seen that on the architectural grade shingles and I thought it was a miss in the manufacturing process by the gluing machine.

That’s what it looked liked to me also. With the clients father (builder) over my shoulder the entire inspection I’m just wanting to be sure. :wink:

seen numerous times from roofers/helpers mishandling and they go back and spot repair
or walking through wet sealant and track all over the surfaces
a vast majority of defects can pass thru when mfr qc is at 15 min intervals