"Smokin Inspection

Interesting start to yesterdays Condo, not that do do many:)

I had just gotten started with my Kitchen and was explaining how the should add a external vent to get rid of the smoke and odors when a fire truck with sirens and lights pulled up outside the window.

Garden unit inspection so it got our attention.
Here is what I saw running outside.

Fire was just smoke from Generator that was not oiled,oppps.

Guess what else I saw?



Figures :slight_smile:

Bob you should check your units more

That fireman in the 2nd picture could use a Little Giant :slight_smile:

That was not the only thing creating smells during my inspection.
Anyone care to guess?

(outside the unit inspected)common area.

Blowin’ smoke as usual !!! :p:twisted::mrgreen:

No guess on post #5 ?

There are 2 issues pictured.

that the sewer gass’s are not properly terminated and the gas is flamable and next to a gas water heater?


Notice the flue incline.

if you look closely you might notice some of the water intrusion issues.

I’ll say the bicycle seat with the duct tape on it ??

Darn , I left that out of my report.