InterNACHI releases new homepage.


I like it. I’m glad you got rid of that sliding header

Very nice. Well done.

missed the old message board link?

Mark, that link is in the Inspection News drop down box.

Love the layout, Looks great Nick!!!


Your missing the InterNACHI logo on the front page.

My problem, which was a problem with the old design too, is if a consumer wants to know why the inspector they are considering hiring is an InterNACHI member, and why that might be important, nothing on this page tells them this.

It’s a nice add to get home inspectors to sign up. But it does nothing to instill confidence in the consumer or real estate agents that they should hire an InterNachi member over an non-member.

The ASHI page has much of the same issues, but at least dead center of the page it says
“Get an ASHI Home Inspector to Perform Your Home Inspection”

And the CREIA page (which I get is only California, but it’s where I am) may be poorly designed, but at least it’s more focused on instilling confidence in the consumer they should “insist” on a CREIA member.

From my point of view, being a member of Internachi is 1,000 times more beneficial than CREIA, but from a home buyer point of view, this front page just screams to the consumer that InterNACHI is just a home inspector marketing firm, and hiring an InterNACHI member provides no benefit to them as the home buyer.

And even the “Find an Inspector” button, while right there, is almost invisible compared to the text size.

Looks nice!!

Agree…and, some of us committee members use this link often. Can we keep that somewhere?

Never mind, I see it after “members only” login…

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Nice, very impressive home page[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]It has the WOW punch :shock:[/FONT]

Stunning splash page - good job. :slight_smile:

Ian, I hear what you are saying, but we operate 4,500+ other sites designed to direct agents and consumers to you. They’re good at it too. Watch the Leads Sent to Members meter on our homepage for a minute or two: It’s mesmerizing.

As for this site (, we know that nearly all consumers aren’t coming here through our homepage. Most are searching for something specific and so their search engine takes them to a particular post on our forum or one of our many specific articles. And you know what’s at the bottom of each and every article :stuck_out_tongue: …

Here’s the issue Nick…

When a potential client or agent performs their research when we inform them that we are “InterNACHI”, the logical choice will be to click on the generic “InterNACHI” search result which sends them to the inspector friendly home page.

That’s exactly what it is IMO. Designed to attract more newbies to sign up.


I’m not knocking the benefits of being a member, but if that’s what consumers are going to see, there isn’t much point in me telling consumers I am a member.

I mean, the home buy back isn’t even mentioned on the home page. I’d think that would be a center piece of a splash page.

Not to mention, it plays right into the hands of the people who knock on InterNACHI, like in the recent LinkedIN thread.

But we know how to get consumer and agent traffic to your inspection business sites (we’re really good at it) and we know exactly where we get it from. We’re not surmising.

If a consumer is trying to determine something about you by viewing the homepages of the organizations you belong to (and they almost never do), they aren’t expecting a direct pitch for a home inspection (that’s what they expect your individual website will do). They’re looking to see what the organization is about (akin to an employer checking out the college you graduated from), and so, our home page is full of subliminal messages to consumers including words like inspector certifications, continuing education, licensing, training, inspection courses, trust, standards, certified radon, mold, etc as do the titles of some of the drop down links which include phrases like approved continuing education, guarantees, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, educational requirements, etc.

Furthermore, there isn’t much for them to click on other than Find an Inspector. And if they do snoop around (and they almost never do) mostly all of the live links on the homepage funnel those visitors to members’ pages anyway. But again 99%+ of our consumer and agent traffic (we have 18 million unique visitors to our site) doesn’t come through our homepage.

As for the Buy Back program, we already get more unique visitors to that click on the View All Participating Inspectors link than there are home inspectors in all of North America total. However, the Buy Back program is a marketing tool designed for your website and your brochures, not ours. We don’t do inspections.


Yes Nick, you and the designer of the page know where every button/link is, but it should be easy for a HI to at least see the message board and the store links since they are part of InterNACHIs bread and butter. Some one has to take the webpage to an outside non related source and say " find and Click on this or that" and see if they can in less than 4-5 seconds.