Is it really snowing in Houston?

So much for global warming. :roll:

Yep, Quite a few flurries today. They actually salted roads.

Salt on the roads for flurries? LOL:mrgreen:
I suppose all the bread was gone from the grocery store.

No, not for the flurries Bobby…what generally happens around South and Central Texas is that it will be 33° or so and misting rain which then results in a nice layer of ice on exposed bridges and even some roadways as the temp drops to around 31° and the light snow starts falling. Sanding/salting is needed for the icing not the snow.

Snowing in TN
Things will get desperate now, Milk bread and chewing tobacco will be in shortage. Nascar movie rentals will be up.
If i do not get back send out help winter warning out maybe 2 inches coming . LOLOLOL

Plenty of crashes on the icy roads. All hoopla in the news: Earliest measurable snow ever on top of last year’s earliest snow ever record (12/10), First time ever for two consecutive years of measurable snowfall. 27 degrees here this morning. I have no heat due to an electrical issue from the lightning strike from a few weeks ago, so it’s pretty chilly here.

No global warming at my house

Me thinks that global warming is no longer a hot topic.

No they have to talk about it for 3 days straight on the news beforehand for that to happen. Like when hurricanes hit the coast and things sell out here is Dallas. We are 5 plus hours from landfall.