Snowed In 7 Days

Mother nature can stop with the snow and wind anytime now. Highway has been closed since last Friday at noon. Cabin fever setting in.

But ain’t it beautiful? Time to go ice diving!

As long as you still have essential vittles, enjoy the nice scenery and quiet…

It is beautiful up here. We went to the grocery store this morning. Had to go around the barricades, its a $110.00 fine and 3 demerit points if you get caught

Just look the officer square in the eyes and say “I didn’t see any barricade there was a white out” Worked for me!

What’s all that white stuff?

Report:mrgreen: fluff

Report fluff :mrgreen:

Just looked up Tobermory Ontario.
Gosh you guys are further south than Hayward WI.

LOL gosh i miss Canada

A good time to get office work done or grab some CE hours or work on the websites or…

Or buy a Snow blower for your truck

Roads are still closed, here is a news clip on my area.

Love the photos. Hang in there more on the way!

Heck, I had to get the snow blower and power shovel out…:wink:


Look to the mountains, there you will find answers. :slight_smile:

Do not remember such a snowy winter and they say there is no end in site with snow every three days as far as they can tell.

Must be making up for all the mild winters we have had.

My dad always said if the squirrel’s nests were really high in the trees, it would be a mild winter.

Either he was wrong or we have some seriously dumb squirrels around here. :slight_smile:

Seems you got that backwards if you use logic.
What did 'Farmers Almanac say about this winter ?