So, can NACHI do a LiveFaceOnWeb?

Seems like with all the great things Nick & NACHI have provided us with over the years (including the “click to call this inspector” button), it seems like even a generic welcome (perhaps 2-3 to choose from) would not be out of the range of possibility?

Here’s a post from another board, with reference to that HI’s site:

*I know some of you don’t like this feature but I thought it would work out really well for my website.

I just wanted to say that livefaceonweb did a great job for me. Everything went smooth on their part (not my part) and I feel they gave me great quality for the price. The problems that did occur they handled professionally (even though none of it was their fault). She wore our company shirt (even though our logo is hard to see) and the hand movement is exactly what I wanted. For what they do and the price, if you are thinking of going in this direction, I would say use them.

Here is my website just in case you were thinking of doing the same thing.

*Home Inspections Indiana - 226 | Home Inspections Northwest Indiana | Home Inspections Porter County | Home Inspections Lake County | Home Inspections LaPorte County | Home Inspections Newton County, Home Inspections Jasper County, Home Inspections S](

*Again, if you don’t like this feature, that’s fine.

Note: I’m going to make one more change so she only shows up when you first visit the website.
I say lets merge all the home inspection organizations into one.

Seepaluce *

Interesting thought. Nick?

You mean put a talking miniture person on InterNACHI’s home page?

I was thinking more to the HI’s own sites

Tell me what you want her to say. Give me a script.

Lets see:

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to brows though the information in the menu’s to the left. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a inspection, please click on the call the inspector button located below. Thanks again for visiting our website, and I am looking forward to working with you in your inspection needs.

Will that work Nick? Please feel free to do your magic twist that we all know you are best at to make it have a certain ring to it. :mrgreen:

OK, guys, chime in with any changes or modifications! How about:

Thank you for visiting our website!
We are members of the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the largest home Inspectors’ association in the world.
We abide by a strict code of ethics, adhere to the highest Standards of Practice in the industry, and conform to all applicable local, state and national regulations.
Please look over our informative website, then contact us to book your next home inspection . . .
We guarantee your satisfaction!

Thanks for hopping on board with me on this, Mark-

And for your fast response, Nick!

In my read of your post, I would get the idea that we inspect per code? Also, I quit giving a guarantee after I had a client use it against me when there was no way to make her happy. She was just wanting to get a refund so she could pay another inspector to word the inspection her way to get out of the deal.

. . . . . :wink:

The noonandcranny site (one of the canadian inspectors) had this and it looked awesome. It wasn’t cheap though.

I wouldn’t mention the menu location as some guys have it at the left/top/right side. Just say in the menu.

I hear ya Dom, Now when are you going to provide this service for us HIP users? :mrgreen:

Haha. Do you want a video of me walking out at your screen?

If Nick takes care of it for NACHI members then it’ll work for any site. I’ll look up what their prices are though.

Why not do four version, left, right, top and bottom, once the script is written, the different locations should be easy . . . my 2 cents worth . . do like the idea.

My thought was because you’re paying to have each one done.

Agreed Dom, Just say menu. By the way, I think you would make a great digital model :mrgreen:

Ack! No way! There’s definitely a LOT of better people than me!!

Anybody that got as far as your website will know how to “look over” the site . . .

Thanks, but nawww . .
The only curve on you is your smile, D!

I plan on keeping it that way too. I need to head to the gym more often though!