So how's your weather??

Well Jae, since your in the Fizzle, Clizzle area of the country what happening today?

Something which is not mentioned, like freezing your a$$ off?..:stuck_out_tongue:

Fizzle, Drizzle my arsh!


snow_ice08 001.jpg

Oh my Chris…I better not put a picture of the sunny skys here with temps in the 70’s huh…:smiley:

For what it’s worth, the temperature is about 72, not a cloud in the sky in sunny San Diego.


We hit 81 today and it was sunny till about an hour ago. Only going up to 62 tomorrow though, so I need to find my sweater and coat! :cool:

Blaine! You poor thing. I hope you don’t get the flu. It was 55 here last night, I feel your pain. I bundled up.

Yep. Low tonight is supposed to be 50. I need to gather enough firewood to get through the night! Not sure what to do with it though, no place to burn it…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Again, I feel your pain. Burning any kind of wood in the greater San Diego area is not a good idea.

Well, our local “weather-encia” promised a warming trend last weekend–

We would be getting up to 33 on Friday, 38 Saturday, mid-40’s on Sunday, and 50 on Monday.

Each day they stayed with this forecast even though it was 29 Fri – 30 Sat – 32 Sun and a very warm 34 on Monday. Still, it was warmer than it had been.

Today we had some cold rain that washed away some of the ice, then a slight dusting of snow.

More snow predicted for tomorrow on top of the remaining ice, and it do get slipperary on these here streets.

Please, don’t…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Global what?..

I guess we won’t be needing those mercury packed compact fluorescent bulbs anymore!

Weather here is just perfect. another 85 degree day with sun and surf around 4-6 feet. Just another boring day in paradise.

Stephen, your killing me low 20 during the day snow & freezing rain tuesday night more snow last night, more friday to saturday, more forcasted for tuesday night, surf is not up it is frozen

Hey Chris;

I think I got you beat.

I havew had it with this crap.

Man, when is it going to stop.,

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

June…:smiley: :smiley:

Marcel, we got another 10 inches at my house today. I’m running out room to plow it!!!

Man this global warming stuff sucks, let’s all stop driving our cars so we can go back to the way it use to be.

Kinda cool

Nope that’s mud season in Maine! :smiley:

I use to have a hell of a time when I lived in Waterville ME. Winter starts in September and ended around May … then mud season till the middle of July. I miss Maine … but I don’t miss da mud!