It's flippin' COLD in Florida! Yep!

I hate it !
“Wednesday Rain, freezing rain, and sleet likely, becoming all rain after 11am. Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 43. Wind chill values as low as 22. North wind 8 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. Little or no ice accumulation expected. Little or no sleet accumulation expected.”
39 deg at 1 :15 pm …WoW!

Sell short on orange juice futures!

Global warming!! LOL! Maybe global cooling???
No… It is called weather… been going on since the beginning.

You would thing so called INTELLIGENT people would get that :roll:

I don’t want to here you whining Pops. :smiley: Find a honey to keep ya warm. I am in NC with Frozen pipes and have to fill up the toilet with store bought water to flush and this morning I learned the tank leaks so you have to fill it up just prior to flushing…:shock:

I am not even sure if we will risk the roads much to get home till things thaw a bit. But I am getting out of here today and going towards home the back way on the other side of the mountains to avoid 95 and SC east coast and such. SC is frozen in as well bridges closed and such due to ice on them and giant icicles above them.

Want to borrow my snow shoes Roy?

Thanks, but nope!
It has almost past me now…
All we got was light sleet.

The wind chill tonight is going to be 11 deg…

Oh my Cold In Fl


36 here this morning had to dig out the long Johns last night :shock:

25 here with a wind chill of 14…Ugh!

Current conditions suck!

I went out to my truck a minute ago and the flippin’ doors were frozen shut! Damn!

We hit 21, 2 nights in a row and then 24 and 25 …also got a video of it snowing in my backyard lol…crazy part was I was on a roof at 3:30 pm and it was 45 out and sunny

It’s going to be 24 here tonight. Ugh!


Ahhh ! Shut Up!

From one of my fb friends

It may be cold in Fla, but she’s still hotter than any summer!

I’d like to pet her kitten ! Yep!:smiley: