So is Southern California going to become uninhabitable?

Hell on earth.

No rain, no water, fires. Just another day in California.

Now we need a good earthquake.

Better be careful what you ask for, Frank. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

This is just a drought. The long-term water outlook for S. CA is tough. According to the San Diego County Water Authority, construction is about to begin on a desalinization plant.

Nah, soon we’ll have the El Nino event that will cause flash floods, landslides, and cracked foundations. I just hope it’ll be worth it and I can go back to taking long showers. Article

What’s more interesting for me is the solar minimum and the maybe mini ice age that might develop.

The desalination plant has been underway for awhile now. It’s in Carlsbad.

Better get it operational fast.

We’ve had water issues for a long time. It doesn’t stop people from moving here. Remember China Town with Jack Nicholson? That was all about water.

Is there a reason that desalination plants aren’t being used already? :shock:

My understanding is that they have not been economically feasible.

I know that Santa Barbara had one built during the last extended drought. 6 months after activating it, they had record rains over an extended period of time. Enough to fill all their reservoirs, lakes and wells. The plant was mothballed for future use. They sold off some of the parts to a middle eastern country and it has sat, unused since 1997. They are now paying a premium to update and reactivate the plant. My guess is they will activate it sometime during the El Nino storms… :roll:

In Orange County they process sewer water. It’s clean enough to drink, but there’s a psychological block when it comes to actually drinking it. I think the phrase is “toilet to tap” :slight_smile:

Nah, the weather is too nice here.

Water does not get used up. Only transformed.
What you use or drink gets evaporated and comes back as rain.
Why do people think it goes into outer space?
We are blessed with the great Lakes and they never go dry… Hmmmm.

Hmmmm… pipeline to the Great Lakes. We’re coming after you China Town style. :slight_smile:

Well, for the last few years, what we use and drink turns into rain over Texas, instead of coming back to us.

Although, oddly enough, it’s raining today around parts of Southern California, despite it being mid-July.

IMO, there are a number of things that can degrade our economy here, but one of them is squashing construction. Between Residential/Commercial/Public Works improvements and the supplying material houses and so on, this is a big chunk of our economy… when it gets hit, that won’t help, and as far as I know, it’s an industry in the sights of those seeking to put rules in place to conserve water. Become uninhabitable, nah… but it wouldn’t help.

The rain today is insane!

In mid-July!

People have been leaving Ca like rats from a burning barn:p

Most of the people leaving make less than $50k a year. Most of the in migration is college educated upper income. Latest statistics show increased population growth, not consistent with “rats leaving a burning barn”. Read more here