best places to live ?

Hello all! Seattle has had a scorching hot summer so far this year. All kinds of records have been broken. I love Seattle, but do not like the wet, gray, cold winters. I have been searching Utah, Colorado and Nevada areas to move. Anyone have any city recommendations as far as not way too hot in the summer and not that much snow in the winter? I know no place is perfect. I am just busy searching and enjoy hearing other peoples thoughts. thanks!

Visit Denver or Colorado Springs or any of the surrounding front range areas during the summer, and you’d be sold in no time. A very dry climate, (although this year, we’ve gotten more thunderstorms than I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve been here) and everything is still very green. As I write this, its 72 degrees, dry sunshine, and no wind.
An absolutely beautiful weekend in store…
This area is classed as an Alpine desert, with 300 days of sunshine, and the mildest winters.

We love it here.

Hello Cheryl,
Long time no see. No place is perfect but the closest I have ever found is Maui. I lived in Hawaii for four years but was on Oahu but the weather was near perfect all the time or so minor so as not to notice. Visited most of the other islands and each has its major high points. The nice thing is if you ever get island fever you can always visit the Mainland until you get sick of it then go back to the Islands.

Hi Steven, how are the winters? I love sunshine so Colorado sounds great. Thunderstorms are fun too.
Hey Doug, nice to see you! Yes Maui is great. I got married there. Then divorced! Hawaii is just about as perfect as it comes huh, but yes you do need to get off the islands to keep sane.
thanks for the replies

The Perfect Place of course is TN

Hi Cheryl,
As one who grew up in New England, where the snow comes, stays, gets dirty, etc…
Colorado winters are a delight. Although it can be cold, most days are just that, sunny and cold. The few snow storms we do get are both short, dry snow (its like powdered sugar, that can be broomed off your walkway) and evaporate away, rather than melt. The dry atmosphere sucks up the moisture once the sun comes out, and the snow just seems to disappear.
I think the winters are very mild in comparison to East coast winters.

Wow, too bad. I am from Texas. I kinda feel here in Seattle is the perfect place. I guess the heat lately really made you feel poor. It sure was hot.

Hello Cheryl,

I grew up in Chicago (17 years), moved to Los Angeles (9 years), then to Vancouver, WA. (18 years) and am now in Southern Minnesota (3 years). I have traveled to about 40 of the 50 States. Every one of them has positives and negatives. There is only one place that I will ever call home, whether I live there or not… the Pacific NorthWest !!!


Just north of LA. You will find Camareo the year a round temp is alway +or- 10 degrees of 60 degree any time of the year. its just off the coast at the base of the foot hills. Very nice place to live. HI. $ 400 for homes under 2000SQ Feet.

Has a small town feel but you can access 101 north to Ventura or south to LA.

Then up the coast to Santa Rosa Very nice temps alot like Ventura 101 north open country Redwoods. south to San Francisco. HI $ 400 under 2000SQ Feet.

2 of the best location for work access general population. and all around living condition. NO SMOG.

I came out of Vancouver Wash I’m now been in the Santa Rosa area for the past 12 years.:mrgreen: Not movie any more…



Boulder. If you can withstand the [tautology alert] nitwit liberals.

Wife and I plan to relocate to Loveland, Colorado in a few years. About as close to the high country as you can get without having to live in a mine shaft. :margarit:

Santa Barbara $$$$$$$$$ San Luis Obispo $$$$$

Camarillo by the by is just ok. :smiley:

Northern AZ is not too bad either.

I have always had a fantasy to move to colder Colorado and leave Southern California, the traffic, people, smog, and cost of living, taxes is just terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible here.

Is FORT COLLINS NICE??? I hear great things… but how about for jobs and the home inspection business? that’s what I fear…

I have been to Colorado Springs in the summer, we had a snowball fight after we went swimming!

I have been to Colorado Springs in the winter skiing, we laid out on the grass at the park in T-Shirts and got a sunburn!

Just have to change altitude! :wink:

San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara Ca.

Reno, Carson City NV. Anywhere in that area is ok, highway 395 south or 88 south to the CA Border.

Ft. Collins is one of the better places to live in the country, IMO. Plenty of sun, less than hour from 14,000 mountains, college town with all the bars and restaurants, very low crime, etc; I’ve been here many times over the years and love it! This is in the general area of our future move.

Colorado, no doubt about it.

Hi Erol,
Thanks for the info. on Fort Collins… it’s very tempting to leave California…

By the way, do you make any profit of your GOOGLE AD links on your site??? Is it worth it…?

Let us all know…

Santa Barbara, CA. Mild weather year round. Occasional hot days during the Santa Ana season but only last a couple days.

Nice if you can afford it. Condo’s start at around $500k. Small houses start in the high $600k