Who can give me any insights on this

What’s up with this ceiling? No moisture at time of inspection.

Any attic pics? need more info.

Second floor above. This is pretty much all that’s visible.

What is directly above that wall?

Hallway and bathroom.

Bathroom located to the right of the pic?

Bathroom door would be about where the right side of that closet door is.

It’s odd because it seems so uniform.

Did you push on them to see if they were soft?

Not soft. Normal density

Up close picture

If the tub/shower plumbing is adjacent to that same wall, there could be a slow or trickle leak running behind the wall and along the base of that wall framing allowing to move down the seam of the lower ceiling. Just something to think about. :wink:

I was thinking something structural. Too many questions

That is odd, they appear to be about 12" spacing, so not joists… If it is hard density, and there is no moisture present, or any indications of settlement, I would just make a short comment about poor quality of unknown nature…

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What is the age? Could it be a plaster ceiling?

Looks more like a water problem from here in Georgia. Possibly a flooded tub at some point?

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  1. No plaster there

I think if it was from moisture, they would be soft and separated/bubbled

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I agree. Maybe older and cosmetics never repaired? With that said, best to write up what you see, question the cause without specifics, and refer it on to ones that ‘dig’ into it. :wink:


Overdriven fasteners or truss uplift?

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