Software for report

Hello there,

I am newly certified home inspector. I want to know which software is cheap and best to write report. Please advice.

Munish Sharma

I’m very new myself, but Ive had the opportunity to try out Horizon, Spectora and Home Inspector Pro so far. Spectora is the most expensive of the three, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it. It saves SO much time compared to the others i’ve tried and the reports look the best (although I will admit, spectora’s cover page they stick you with needs some modernization).

Many of the cheaper ones look and operate like applications from Windows 95: it has all the functionality you need, but its not efficient or pretty. Spectora looks and operates like a brand new Apple. Im on team spectora.

I trialed a load of them and ended up going with Tap inspect.

Thank you so much for reply. Does Spectora works on phone like, if I can take pics on phone instead of using camera and write report at same time.

Thanks for reply. Is it work on phone instead of using camera and write report at same time.

yea, absolutely. like any software, there’s a good amount of work you have to do to set it up and allow it to automate everything; template(s), agreement, etc. Look into their website. They have a bunch of tutorial videos on their youtube channel. You can start a free trial that you can use on 5 paid inspections, but you can use it as long as you want to practice it on mock inspections.

That’s an oxymoron (does not exist).