In need of new report writing software

I am in need of new report writing software looking at HIP and Spectora any feedback on which is better for inspection and why?

Welcome to the forum Daniel. :v:

I use HIP and find it great! Decent program, great report design options, easy to create templates for inspections and/or other services you may offer, easy to batch add/edit photos/captions/etc, great support from Dom and the crew! It comes preloaded with some templates as well.

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Thank you for your feedback!

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I don’t like HIP at all. Way too check-listy for me.

Spectora seems to be the current fad favorite and I’ve heard good things about it. I went with Tap Inspect because of its price and simplicity. Very happy with the look and functionality of it. First 5 reports are free too.

Only if you set it up that way.

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If I was starting fresh, Dominic has the BEST customer service and is always updating HIP to current demands or needs.

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Hi Roy, welcome back! :wink:

Not totally back yet! Just having a fair morning.

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I switched to Spectora January 2019 and extremely happy I did. What I love about it:

  1. Totally customizable templates (I have templates for HI’s, Radon, Mold, Water, Rental Inspections, Drone Photography, you name it)
  2. Integrated on-line Agreements that you can tie together with certain templates built right in with digital signing
  3. Automated emails/texts for appointment reminders, marketing follow-ups, report ready communications, etc.
  4. Optional built-in credit card payment processing (or integrate your existing provider if supported)
  5. Mobile app with just about everything supported in it that is supported via the web interface
  6. A support team with super quick response times and problem fixes that is second to none (and I was an IT guy for 20 years).
  7. A development team that is constantly improving the software and feature set (and they let you choose if you want to test/use Beta features).

Hopefully this helps you. It is not cheap to use, but like advertising, I feel it is a great use of money and brings me great return on investment. Customers and Agents seem to love the Reports and interface, too.

Good luck with the transition whichever way you choose to go!

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Richard, great detail and thought out response, thank you very much for your input. Those features Spectora offers sound perfect for me and my business. I would like to see some of your templates if you have them already done, if that possible?

Thank you!

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Daniel, I suggest that in addition to finding out what works for other inspectors, you take the time to find out what works best for you, since all brains are not wired the same.
Read my short article on choosing inspection software. It doesn’t make specific recommendations but in addition to advice, contains links to the most popular inspection software.

I have just switched to Spectora and am very pleased that I did. I looked at all of them, and decided to go with them. The support is fantastic. They are quick to respond and willing to go the extra mile to make sure it is right. The reports are easy to create and to edit. They look very professional and the cost is minimal in my opinion. All seem to cost about the same, at least the ones with comparable features.

Wow, must be really good stuff for $1,000.00 per year.

Does Spectora come with canned narratives? Can you cut and paste narratives from my current report system? I dread starting over with a new report system. I have been using AHIT InspectIt report system since 2006 and they no longer support it. They have gone to a Iphone/Tablet reporting system and I prefer using my desk top.

Thanks Kenton makes sense and thank you.

Daniel, hope to find you well.
Most home inspector have tried several home inspection reporting software’s. Par for the course.
Try Horizon. Tell me what you think.

In 2019 I spent about $1000 on HIP getting my version upgraded to the newest revision and getting cloud hosting. They give free software updates for two or three years but you could conceivably go four or five years or more without updating if you are happy with using old tech. Then I went to the Internachi convention in June and attended training sessions by HIP and Spectora. HIP was promising to add features that Spectora already had (see Richard Smith’s list). I was happy with HIP but wanted to see what else was out there. The features and also the user-friendly reports that look fantastic convinced me to switch at a cost of $1700 for their “launch package”. So I spent $2700 last year on software.
I’m glad I did. I’m getting reports done faster now, which means I can do more in a day. Two a day is comfortable now, when before it would take me all day to do two inspections and two reports.

On Monday I have scheduled 3 inspections and a round of golf (the first house is at a golf course so I booked the first tee time at 7:am for me and my assistant.) I love these long summer days.

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I spent around $1,400.00 on my 3D software, but that was 17 years ago, since then I pay $149.00 a year which includes any updates, support if needed, and all storage/cloud charges for 3D phone.

The only thing I see that Spectora has that 3D doesn’t, at least as far as I know, is a built in online CC payment service, which I wouldn’t use anyways.

As long as you’re happy with it, that’s what matters, as for me though, $1,000.00 a year, every year, seems a bit steep.

Stay safe & enjoy your golf game. :smile: