HOMinspect software

I am looking for soft ware for reports. Has any one used HOMinspect.com software, tried it for reports or seen a report from this software? The price seems very good. You own the software out right and no additional costs for the reports according to the company brochure.

Home Inspector Pro would be your best bet IMHO: www.homeinspectorpro.com

Agreed, and the owner Dom will give you a free trial with the full version. Also MANY here use it so getting some pointers won’t be an issue.


I just switched over HIP a couple of weeks ago and have been happy.

I’m not saying there isn’t other good software out there. HG is good. 3D is good. But Dominic and George Wells who sells www.bestinspectors.net add something that I personally believe makes or breaks a product/service.

That “something” is accessibility to the vendor when you need help. This is the “magic dust” that makes a good product/service… great. BTW: I try to practice what I preach.

Thanks guys!