HIP or HomeGauge software is my question, they are both affiliated with NATCHI is there one better than the other and how do we decide?
Thanks Dennis

Coin toss? Both have free trial. Test ride them both.

Guys swear by both of them. As Frank says, test them both out to see which one suits your purpose. I use HIP, and it’s been great.

Dennis…make sure to check out some of the other software out there also…there are other solutions besides HIP and HomeGauge…it really depends upon what is most important to you.

Just don’t use Palm Tech. I have had nothing but problems with them

As Jeffrey says… Try us too :slight_smile:

NoticeWare Reporter:

Jeff, your link doesn’t work. So the price for InterNachi members is $399? And that includes desktop and mobile? No “cloud” fees? No annual fee? A per report fee? Oh, I see on InspectorOutlet it’s $299. What are the limitations on the “evaluation” version?

Apparently my cut and paste sucks tonight… sorry about the dead link…

The trial only prints 60% of the report… Everything else works. No other fees…

Cloud is whatever service you’d like to use (ie: Drop Box or Google Drive)

Ask each company to give you a one-on-one training session in advance of buying the software. That way you can see what the software is capable of doing and whether it is a good fit for you.

Inspection report software is too important a part of your business to leave it to chance or basing your decision on what is right for someone else.

Hi Dennis,

As George mentioned, give us a call (and HG) and we’ll do a 1 on 1 training session with you. Both are great programs. Whether you use HG or us I’m sure you’ll be happy. Right now HIP and HG are the only two that have video in the report. A big difference is that HIP runs on iPhone/iPad and Mac’s as well as Windows and Android.

Just FYI… we have had inspectors insert videos into their reports for years by simply doing it in Word itself… it the best you can also have URL links of course to videos on the internet and to your own video clips if you want to. Just letting inspectors know there are different ways to skin a cat.

Jeffrey, do those videos end up in the PDF or does the inspector have to send the client a Word file?