Soil Sampling for VOC’s

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Daniel here… looking forward to being part of the community here!

I was wondering if anyone is collecting soil samples for VOC concern. If so, any recommendations on a laboratory?


Beyond the scope of a home inspection.

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I do not know of a single home inspector who performs this test.

Google was my friend, here is a lab.

I do not, but if I did, EMSL would be my first choice for Lab services…

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Welcome to our forum, Daniel!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Daniel, just curious. What would make you want to test soil for VOC’s? That thought has never crossed my mind, unless maybe I was over an old superfund site.

Nope, I never did even consider it.

If you’re considering offering this type of service to your clients, you may want to discuss it with your E&O carrier first.

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There is more to it other than sampling the dirt. Is this a site that may have been contaminated with gasoline or fuel oil?

First question; are you qualified to conduct these?

State SOP’s normally say you can do more than just the home inspection, “if you’re qualified to do so”.

What does your state say about conducting this type of testing (not the state home inspection board).