IAQ testing for Spray Foam

Has anyone found a lab that has capability to test for off-gassing of chemicals especially related to spray foam insulation as well as other building materials?
I have already contacted EMSL (as well as a few others) and informed they did/do not have capability in this area; however I may have been connected to the wrong department.

Interested in understanding how others tackle this, what equipment, what labs, what tests to ask for, what if any 3rd party certifications are necessary.

I have 2 Autistic boys and in contact with a good many special needs families to provide this service at no charge.

Any info is greatly appreciated,

Depending on the chemical composition of the foam being installed, there are several tests that can be run to determine if it is off gassing anything harmful. EMSL has the capabilities to run all sorts of tests. You may have spoken with someone who didn’t understand what you wanted or your local branch may not handle those services, but elsewhere in the company they might. I use the facility in NJ which is the corporate HQ and they run pretty much everything. You may want to look into VOC sampling using the TO-15 method or Formaldehyde testing depending on the material that was installed. Keep in mind, these types of test are not interpreted by the laboratory like some of these mold testing labs out there. You have to know what you are doing and how to read the results yourself which is why it is probably best left to someone who has industrial hygiene training or someone at the lab willing to walk you through the process.

Thanks for the great info Scott, just what I needed to know!

Agree with Scott. I have a local EMSL I use for Mold and other basic testing, but send all specialized testing to the NJ HQ location.

EMSL can provide the analysis for spray foam insulation.

Contact Scott Van Etten, CIH at Svanetten@EMSL.com


Vince Daliessio, CIH at Vdaliessio@EMSL.com

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