Has anyone ever worked with SanAir Technologoies Lab in Powhatan, VA? If so, could you share some insight please?


Good lab, good price, good service. Basic, straight to the point report. I use EMSL because they offer more and are closer to me.

Thanks Reece! Just wondering; it was pointed out to me through literature sent to me by SanAir, that their equipped to test for microbial, lead, and asbestos…but I did not see radon in their literature. Is there anything else EMSL tests for or does for the industry that SanAir does not, that you know of, that would be of interest to the home inspection industry?


Other than radon, well water sampling for nitrates, nitrites, lead, total coliform, e.coli, etc at some EMSL locations.
Also, check out the TO15. It’s a canister that you can rent to pull an air sample, then EMSL can tell you EVERYTHING that is in that air sample. VOC’s, odors, etc.

Good to know. Thanks Reece!

Hi Ed,

EMSL provides Laboratory Services, Products and Training.

There are a many lab tests that EMSL provides to Home Inspectors that other labs may not offer. In addition to the standard Mold, Asbestos, Lead and Radon Testing that EMSL provides, we can also provide the following services that many inspectors have added to their service offerings:

  • METH Testing (New Test Kit Available)
  • ERMI Mold Testing (Test Kit Available)
  • Bed Bug Testing (Test Kit Available)
  • Radon (Test Kit Available)
  • Allergens (Dog, Cat, Cockroach, Dust Mites, Rat, Mouse & Latex (Test Kit Available)
  • Water Testing (Test Kit Available Shortly)
  • VOC Testing (FREE Summa Canister Use for Sampling)
  • ODOR Identification & Sourcing
  • Vermiculite Attic Insulation Testing
  • Formaldehyde in Foam Insulation Testing
  • Stain Identification
  • Water Testing
  • PCB’s in Window Caulking
  • Identification of Unknown Materials / Liquids on Properties
  • Identification of Animals, Plants and Feces found on Properties by DNA Testing

In addition, we carry a wide range of Sampling Cassettes, Pumps and IAQ Investigative Equipment.


Joe Frasca
Senior Vice President, Marketing
EMSL Analytical, Inc.