Solar Heating System Resources?

Yesterday afternoon’s inspection had a Solar Water Heating System with a backup natural gas unit. Are there any useful resources out there for us inspectors? I never expected to encounter one. :oops:

I couldn’t say a thing about the system’s proper installation, all I could do was identify most of the components. Not that the client cared, since he didn’t bother asking for the plumbing to get de-winterized after my insistence. I got the impression that I was hired strictly to make the deal go bust by reporting that the massive roof was leaking all over the freaking place. :twisted:


Here’s some basics for ID purposes…way too many different systems and improper/wrong installations going on to give a detailed list. Check for brand system, provide website or install link if available, look for roof damage at attachment points and piping entrances, leaks/corrosion at all piping and under collector(s) if applicable and observe routing…the rest requires specialist evaluation, imo many units are older and orphaned around here

also click on the PATH links

here’s a short list of some of the US companies

Thanks a bunch Barry! Now I know which type of system the property has and it helps to have a course of action for future solar water heating systems.