Solar panels and generator

Ok, this inspection has me scratching my head… I don’t know alot about solar, or generators, and this house has both… plus there seems to be some type of amp meter monitor on the service conductors that is likely hooked up to wifi…
Does this look right? I’m confused, because the circuits that are connected with the generator panel are disconnected from the main panel breakers, (which are still turned on) and spliced back to the generator panel. But I don’t see any supply going to the generator panel when the generator’s not running… so how are they energized? (I obviously missed something).
And what about the hot tub 60amp breaker at top right, that has smaller wires double tapped. I can’t tell if that is solar related? (And the 60 amp breaker is not tied together) any help at deciphering this panel is appreciated.

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Without manufacturer specs how could you inspect this?

This is outside of a home inspection. Period.

Don’t be afraid to say that this is outside of your Inspection.

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Yeah, that’s what I was going to do, but I still like to learn everything I can, so I can point out obvious or dangerous issues…
in doing some research, it looks like you are not allowed to feed more than 120%of the rated amps to the bus bars? This is a 200 amp service, and it looks like the solar is back- feeding another 100 amps… but 120% would only allow 240 amps total.

Mike Holt has a video on this. Like where the feed from the PV should go.

Who would Daniel direct his client to for a evaluation on this? I am just asking because just seeing all of the pictures has me a little worried if I ever ran into something like this. I would be there for 4hrs just staring at the panels.


I called out a couple things with the panel, (a 14 awg wire for the microwave on a 20 amp breaker, the 60 amp not being tied) etc. And then I simply added that a full solar and backup generator inspection is not typically part of a home inspector’s sop. Recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician to determine proper installation and use of those systems.


Sounds like you did not let it overwhelm you

Greg for you only an ESI could inspect it for proper installation.

If approval and inspections were obtained then everything will be OK.

The structure also requires inspection.
Here is one from Monday.

Ok thanks for the info