Sold my duplex with 2 different reports?!

I recently owned a duplex, 3200sqft 6 bedrooms 4 full bath, 3 car garage. 1st buyer (who backed out because daddy convinced him to literally the day before underwriting with an issue not even related to the house) had an inspection done. We paid $13,000 for every repair on the report.
6 weeks later the second buyer has an inspection. The 2nd report was even longer than the 1st WITH NONE OF THE SAME ITEMS! I was so pissed and confused.
I wanted to sit both inspectors down and ask "how the f&#% can y’all have 2 different reports in 5 weeks?!
Just another day i guess.

I’m assuming you’re an inspector? How did you not know about any of those issues? If they knew you were an inspector they may have been making sure to be more diligent in the light of a peer. Just guessing

Two different Inspectors, 4 different eyes. Also if you fixed what the first inspector reported, the next inspector should not find the same issues. More over, Inspectors quality does matter. I have been called to do re-inspection of homes where I found defects not found by the previous Inspector. Sometimes things change from the first to the second. I did an inspection 2 weeks ago, where I had to go back a week later, the family moved a china cabinet that was up against a wall that showed mold that was not seen earlier because of the cabinets.


Going out on a limb but you said everything was fixed from the first report, so second inspection wouldn’t reflect items that are fixed

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Jacob. You sound like a nervous seller.
Why did you sell an income property? It brings in revenue.

Homes sell until bulldozer ready. Until then, homes have defects and deficiencies.

An inspectors’ inspection ascertains and reports SOP. 2 reports in 5 weeks. Depends upon the inspectors, depends upon their SOP, experience and expertise. As simple as that.

It is easy to find reported overlaps. As well, its easy to read what the first inspector omitted.

You sold the property. You having sellers remorse? Lol.
You have money in the bank. Just feel lucky the property wasn’t bulldozer ready, OK:grinning:

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You really have answered 2 of the 4 reasons:

  1. You had repairs done.
  2. 5 weeks apart. It has been my experience that things change in a far shorter time than that.
  3. Some inspectors just report to the minimum standard, and many of them don’t even attain that standard. Others will include items that another may have missed or not considered worthy of mention, and may include lengthy narratives which would result in the longer report you complain of. As others have alluded to; two different human beings. Why would you expect anything other than different reports.

@ryoung7 “income” means I have to be taking in money. I owned that property for 4.5 years and put over $100k into it. It still had a ton to go. It probably had close to another $75k just in maintenance before any remodeling could be done.
I sold the property at a loss of $74k.
Not a nervous seller or a “buyers remorse” I know when to cut my loses.

First…the 2 inspectors inspected completely different areas. So, naturally they found different issues. I’m guessing that they also used different software to produce their reports. This also contributes to differing lengths and content of reports. It sounds like you should have been doing more Property Check inspections as a Landlord if you had to do $14K worth of repairs on only one side of the duplex and then turned out to have a bunch of more repairs needed on the the side of the unit.

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Before you sell your next property please do “ Pre - selling inspection by InterNACHI CPI :slightly_smiling_face:

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