Solderless Crimped Copper Pipe Fittings

After clicking it seems this Bozo is a moderator and has no real business listed that I can tell.
The guy is telling us not to inspect plumbing yet he asks goofy questions about how to install a range hood.
Is installing range hoods part of a plumbers job?

He must be more of a handy man.

You are correct, I am a plumber not a range hood code expert. Which is why I went to my peers for code advice. The range hood in question happens to be in my Church…

I don’t claim expertise at anything other than my trade.

I enjoy the code citation on “observing” plumbing in IL. It actually made me chuckle.

My intent in coming here was to educate you people on the laws in my state as well as what the mystery fitting was.

You all got a little defensize when you were challenged on the plumbing aspect of your field.

People assume when they get a home inspection with “plumbing” on the form, their plumbing system was “inspected”

Truth be told you can only tell folks what they already know, with the exception of maybe the location of the main shutoff.

Now, back to topic. I explained to you people CRYSTAL clear what the mystery fitting was. I get thanks of “go to hell”…

If you play nice I may hang around and help you on other threads. Or you can act like a bunch of uneducated idiots and we can make each others internet lives miserable…


I’m sure admin will send me a thank you card. This forum hasn’t seen hits like I’m bringing it…

You’re welcome!


Suzie Homebuyer: “How was my plumbing inspection?”
Home Inspector: " I can only observe obvious things a potty trained 3 year old could about the plumbing system. I’m afraid you’re going to have to hire a plumber for a plumbing inspection"
Suzie Homebuyer: “Why did I pay you?”


Suzie Homebuyer: “How was my plumbing inspection?”
Home inspector: “Yes Mam, it all checked out fine”

Hey, those dumb a s s s h i t plungers removed my post. That’s not fair, I was trying to help those turd chasers.:mrgreen:

Dont feel bad he wouldnt even let me post. Must be his little pet message board.

Enlighten us oh wise one regarding laws in your State.

Illinois SOP is the “minimum” standard, not what home inspectors are “limited” to observe/inspect, or comment.

Please go away as you do not seem very knowledgeable.

I doubt you can inspect the plumbing better than most NACHI Inspectors and tell me how changing word to observed means S-hit buddy.

Inspecting is observing but you are not able to grasp that fact.
Admit it Buddy …you wanted to be an Electrician but were to dumb and had to settle for handling other peoples cr-p.:slight_smile:

Are you certified in IR and what level?
Can you see plumbing behind the walls?
When installing new piping at an exterior wall do you go back later to see if it was insulated?:slight_smile:

In Chicago half your fellow union workers do not even know what a drain pan is .

We are hired to inspect because of the work you guys do.
“sorry but that is a fact” sad as it is.

Question for you…do you check the roof flashing at the plumbing vents?
Last question …is your name Joe.T ?

I recieved my IR certification from a distance learning institute,

While I am unable to see the plumbing behind the walls, I can lay hands on the wall and “see” the pipes.

What kind of piping (IN not at) an exterior wall?

Most, if not all plumbers know what a drain pan is. In some instances they are a good idea. They are not a code requirement in IL or Chicago…

I don’t really check the roof flashing. Once a plumber installs it, there is not much need for me to go back and check it…

Your IL home inspection code ues the word observe rather than inspect in regards to plumbing due to the fact that NO ONE except a licensed plumber can inspect plumbing in IL.

You can observe the shut off location, run the hose bibbs, check for rocky toilets, and how quickly the water drains from the lavs, etc. etc. etc.

You can make NO INSPECTION of the system because you do not know the plumbing code to know if the system meets the minimum standards.

You hide behind the title home inspector. The homeowner feels all warm fuzzy that you have “inspected” their property. When in reality, you have no authority to make anything other than observations about OBVIOUS parts of the plumbing system.

Inspection in the mind of the public = everything is fine. Codes met…

You could be alot nicer. I’m not going anywhere.

You will learn to love me:mrgreen:

I don’t say this often, but Go Bob Go!!

Plumbing Inspector Currins and Plumbing Inspector Elliot are right on. Our plumber friend does not understand Illinois home inspector law(not “code”) at all. There are no limits put on home inspectors regarding what we can inspect. There is only a minimum standard we must meet and we are free to go further if we choose.

I speak for all Illinois home inspectors when I say we ALL choose to go further, a lot further… We inspect plumbing all day if given the chance. We inspect it BIG TIME. When we see plumbing, all we think about is inspecting it. Forget just “observing”, plumbing was made to be inspected and be inspected HARD… …what was I talking about? Oh yeah plumbing inspections. Man we love inspecting plumbing.

So what’s with dragging Jesus through the sewer (HA!) by throwing the word “Church” into your post after you make arrogant and insulting comments and then giggle about it on your own forum? “I’m just a helpful, religious man with good intentions trying to spread plumbing knowledge to a world in need.” Do God a favor and share your post with your pastor, then maybe some education will take place.

If you play nice I may hang around and help you on other threads. Or you can act like a bunch of uneducated idiots and we can make each others internet lives miserable…

Aahhhhhhhhhhhh! Where do I start!?!? You’ve already made it clear you think home inspectors are “uneducated idiots” but if we suckle your anus while we let you verbally abuse us you’ll share your wisdom? Wee! What an offer! I’m full of self-loathing today so sign me up!

And is it just me, or does that last line sound like a threat along the lines of “I’m going to post fake negative reviews on all your web listings if you don’t say nice things to me.”?

Here are the exact codes.(Chicago )

18-29-504.7.1 Discharge.

The discharge from the relief valve shall be piped separately to an indirect waste receptor located inside the building. The discharge shall be piped full size and installed in a manner that does not cause personal injury or property damage and that is readily observable by the building occupants. The discharge from a relief valve shall not be trapped. The diameter of the discharge piping shall not be less than the diameter of the relief valve outlet. The discharge pipe shall be installed so as to drain by gravity flow and shall terminate atmospherically not more than 6 inches (150 mm) above the floor. The end of the discharge pipe shall not be threaded.

18-29-504.8 Required pan.

Water heaters or hot water storage tanks installed in locations where leakage of the tanks or connections will cause damage shall be installed in a galvanized steel or other metal pan of equal corrosion resistance having a minimum thickness of 24 gauge, 0.0276 inch (0.70 mm) Any water heater installed in a cabinet below a counter shall be provided with a drain pan.

Guys do not listen to anything the fool “Illinois Inspector” has to say as he does not even know the codes in his own state.

How Pathetic.

Go back to classes and learn how to be a Plumber before you start lecturing Professional Home Inspectors.

They may not be …however most if not all water heater manufacturers require them and we ALL know ( maybe not you ) manufacturers requirements supercede CODE!!..

If posted the code just above this post Charles.

Bob, did you ever think that this guy is just a poop plumber and doesn’t deal with the real plumber stuff?:shock:

He is probably a self proclaimed “Master Plumber” Linas, I mean after 20 or so years in the biz, he does now that Nibco makes fittings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that something like a CMI???

If CMI’s know that Nibco makes fittings, than yes. :smiley:

Or even better, she claims to be IR Certified.

It’s a she???

Going by his/her comments that’s what I’m assuming. :slight_smile: