solid doors-hvhz

instead of giving not rated for solid doors with painted stickers, learn which ones are rated-or not. Houses built after 94 in hvhz have rated doors… you cant verify, so you just put nr and let the h/o worry about it. ? Research each one you encounter and create a database. After a while, you will know exactly which ones are rated and not.

I come across many with absolutely no way to know what they are or who made them.

And what about when the insurance company asks for proof?

In order to research, you have to have information on the door – most of the time this information has been removed from the door or painted over as mentioned. I see this created database as very subjective in most cases. I don’t believe the intent is for us to make judgement calls — If that was the case they would not require proof of our findings. I do agree that if you can find a manufacturer make and model number, then you can go the extra mile and do a little research that may benifit the HO. This is probably what you are refering to.