Metal Exterior Doors Without Glazing

Unless it is new const., the labels to verify ratings for wind pressure resistance are always painted over or gone.

I’m interested in how others are treating this condition for houses built I.A.W. 2001 FBC.


Without a label or specific FBC permit, the door is unrated. For a non-glazed door, it really doesn’t matter, as far as discounts go.

Without the label, no discount, However, I have heard the manufacturer has drawers of them…and a new picture later… discounts back on.

I have had success removing the paint from the labels with a scuffy pad and water.

Not rated. Good luck finding a manufacturer with no markings

A call to the building department by the homeowner to get the plans is all it takes. Or, the attached.
Remember, all we need is proof. A sticker, technically, solves that issue.
Yet another example of an inaccurate method to determine something on this form. But I better stop, before the entire industry crashes around me and it will be my fault!

How can it be proven that Mr. Homeowner did not remove the original door and put in his own.

What the plans say or called for are no help. Doors are one of the most frequently replaced items I come across.

The ONLY way that would help is IF the door had identifying markings.

Without those it cannot be PROVEN. The best are doors with identifying marks stamped or embossed in the door somewhere. Stickers are acceptable but I have seen fakes.

Kinda funny you would show a Stanley Door approval…there is no such thing. They scamed a lot of end users.

I’ve done lots of things thats how you learn.

Since that is for my set of doors, installed in 2000, with a noa number, that is all that is required. The drawings are there as well. It won’t matter because I only have Bahama shutters for the rest of the windows.
That isn’t the area that will be debatable.

Stanley made impact entry and garage doors.

Dennis, I have researched this a bit. They DID make labels that inferred correct ratings, but they are NOT listed on the FL or MD sites as approved. Maybe at one time they were listed, but since removed from the system. If you can post a screenshot of a valid approval, then I stand corrected.

i have it, just dont know how to attach pic in this chat room

Get out of here…

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From the packet and doors. There is also a letter from Dade County stating that the doors will be getting the acceptance number. The number revises the original number of 99-1104.01

LOL, I sure hope you are not submitting something like that with your reports. You do know that even if it did have a valid NOA, it doesn’t mean that it is always impact rated. I rest my case…

You mean like when it says, Door is not hurricane rated if glazed and no shutter protection is present" or something like that?

Thats right. Some are under the impression that if they see a NOA # on a label, then that is all you need (Didn’t you say that earlier?). Looks like your NOA has been rescinded.

I believe I was using the package as a way to prove one way or the other if it was rated or not.
I have had several clients give me those and say “It is hurricane rated, it says so on the cover”. Then when I look up the noa and find the drawings, like the one I posted, then they understand.

If the door has a sticker on it which clearly states large missile impact, what are you going to do? I did an inspection where the door was the same as the one I had on our home before we changed them. All wood with an arch window. It had a sticker from 2009 that said it was a rated door! The sticker looked newer than the door and was also on the outside part of the door, not the hinge side.

The NOA for my door expired. As has the door!

U can use google to find stanley impact noa in 2 minutes