Some are not excited about obama winning...

New poll shows Obama leading in Georgia

"While this is a tight race, the problem for McCain is that all but 3 percent of whites have made their decision and approximately 8 percent of black voters have continued to say they are undecided or voting ‘other.’ " Towery stated. "This will likely move closer to 95 percent for Obama when all said and done. Obama has room to go up.

You better call all your friends and relatives Kenneth, Get Out The Vote

Obama was not even mentioned in the article and I read it twice. Where do you get your info, if I may ask?

Obamanites chanting.

It did not mention either candidate, it is just an observation I mad, on how the stock market is still falling rapidly, which tells me that investors are scared about obama winning. After he gets thru taking most of their money, they will no longer be able to invest it, or start new businesses. In other words I believe he will make a recession happen for sure. The change has already started.

What would you expect, Atlanta is mostly african. Plus Ga. has always voted mostly democratic for Govenor. But I doubt it will reach 95%

I think I found Kens source***.jpg


Just to let you know Ken, they actually said the same thing yesterday on CNBC! I was shocked! :shock:

Thanks Randy, I get the feeling that not all of the News Anchors are for obama,and they keep trying to warn people, but they refuse to hear the warnings.

Some are not excited… 10/24/08 6:49 PMtake a break ken… it’s overA Reddie from a cowardly obamite chicken counter.

Barack Obama, the first black major party nominee, **is positioned to win the largest share of white voters of any Democrat in more than three decades, **according to an exclusive Politico analysis of recent Gallup and Pew Research Center polling.

The most recent two weeks of Gallup polling, which includes roughly 13,000 interviews,show 44 percent of non-Hispanic white voters presently support Obama — the highest number for a Democrat since 47 percent of whites backed Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Until the stock market swoon in mid-September, Obama had never reached 40 percent among white voters.

I am Ken Lott and I approve the above message