The bad news for McCain... despite what the polls say.

Obama continues to raise money, lots of it.

Now even if he doesn’t use any of it… raising it says much.

If you can get someone to get up off the couch and send you their money, you can probably count on them to get up off the couch and vote for you.

Money may talk… but the act of actually sending it in, yells.

John McCain is Dr. Strangelove

Well said Nick

Mr. Burkeson - I went to the website in your post man that is one funny site! Nothing like seeing a person just shoot hinself in EVERY aspect of his presidential race. Thanks for the info, I got to get back to laughing

Try this one you will love it. Highly recommended!

Randy - Ina all fairness I went to that website and it has some vaild points. You know as well as I do that when asked do you support (insert question here) you need to hear the ENTIRE portion fo the answer. You mention some guy who wants to limit how much you can drive and then say "How long before Obama does this…No mention that he EVER supported it. Now do you want to group ALL democrate and ALL republicans? Hell the Repubs can run fast enough from their commander and chief!

Great site EH!
Maybe not for everyone however!
I actually don’t read it but you can scroll down forever and see some cool pics on the left!

Here is something a little lighter & far less nasty then the faux Obama websites the neocon’s have been posting. Enjoy!

Ned The Plumber