Leaky basement in 3 areas, poured foundation walls

homeowner already hired a moron who told her they’d solve her problems by digging a shallow EXT trench n toss drain tile and a lil gravel in it along the side of her house out to front, and back. THEN, after that didn’t do squat she called a few others including my ugly balding azz, one of the others told her for $4,000 they would solve her problem/leaks by putting in 2 exterior sump pumps and another drainage ditch loololollllllll, 3—short videos…
INSIDE basement----

OUTSIDE view----

to show homeowner whether she needs EXT waterproofing of the chimney walls i ran water test with a hose… 5 minutes or less later here were results lolol

did any other company/contractor who came out to give her estimate take the time n run a water test? No. Anyone else bring their state waterproofing Lic and Ins to show her? No.

at this point in time, she is getting water in 3 areas so you can just fix those areas, again NOT leaking anywhere else n she’s been there 30 years. MIGHT she leak somewhere else in the futre? Sure, hell yeah, possible, heLLLLLLLLLLLo? If any rod holes deteriorate they can alow water in, then… if she has OTHER cracks behind drywall/paneling in OTHER areas then those areas may indeed leak in future or if openings occur around, under other basement windows, doors n so on she, like all other homeowners can get water in basement in future. She may need to hire someone else to do some minor tuckpointing etc to chimney above grade

Had she opted for an INT basement drainage system and sump pump it would have cost MORE $, it would NOT have ‘stopped’ the water from where its actually entering as they would have attached some vinyl crap or dimpled membrane etc on inside F walls and let the water continue to come in n direct it, divert it to a sump,that’s not ‘waterproofing’ n if one doesn’t STOP the water source/problem you’ll never stop/prevent a mold headache, follA ?

est to her was $2,375… a one day job, 20 yr guarantee on ‘all waterproofed areas’, not on anything else beccccuase, i didn’t waterproof anything else nor am i charging her for anything else.

Lemmmmmmmmmmme see, $2,375 to STOP the water from entering OR, $4,000 or more for 2 sump pumps or an INT system that will not stop the water from entering… you’d have to be a complete fool to follow the advice/recommendations of the scammers but, yep, quite a few still do = LA LA land.


our new laborer, in my old balding dreams, dig?

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Well Done Mark… :+1:t3:That’s why we are called Certified Professionals and Certified Masters…of our craft…

We can’t blame the Homeowner(s)completely…If the homeowner spends the time doing there homework as best as they can, (and most do) they now lean upon the qualified expertise that they believe has been chosen to do the job right the first time…Unfortunately, as we all know the misleading and incompetency of some contractors take the homeowner for a wild ride that only cost them more money then was initially needed…

Hopefully your services became an awesome marketing opportunity for you in getting the word out, as the homeowner explained to their neighbors, friends and family of the exceptional quality of work you performed…Not to mention the true benefits of InterNACHI Inspectors…

As you stated had this contractor done a simple water test it would have lead to a completely different result…Saving the homeowner money and continued frustration…In this case you have to really wonder, what we’re there real motives…In appears to be complete ignorance on the contractors part…

That’s where we as true professionals come in to play…The service that we render to homeowners goes far beyond just the sale of a home…That’s the beauty of this industry…

Great work…and thanks for maintaining true professionalism in keeping or industry honest and trustworthy…

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Hang in there, Mark! The word is getting out on your quality work. :smile:

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well shtt Mr Bach, appreciate your kind words man thank you, am just tired of peeps getting ripped off

again, not trying to take a big dump on home inspector but he says/has, ‘basement flooding… if you have any leaks… the C log, RR tie (whatever) is acting like a dam…’

Sir, IF THIS particular homeowner was getting water in basement on floor it’s NOT because of the “log”.

and sure, the sprink-head not in great location n water shouldn’t be hitting the house/window. N said 575,331 times below grade windows not the greatest idea lol.

but it would still take 1 or more exterior openings in, around, under that basement window for water to GET IN or a crack in foundation wall and/or, a blockage etc in lateral line/basement clean out and so on, for water to get in basement, even IF the logs created a dam which imo, water can still go through the likely top soil just under the loggie and get out.

Mister Medic, take a hose and shove it DOWN in that window well, turn it on and let’s see if water begins entering basement, if so there’s a crack etc in the wall, right-- don’t allow water to come up n hit the basement window ledge n higher, if NOT, if no water, then spray/soak that window fully/thoroughly n see if water begins to enter, if so lol window is the problem… and so on, just NOT the log man. Some might say, well ‘Need better drainage inside the well’, lol. Well ya don’t want water building UP and then sitting against any window cuz it’ll crack or blow the stupid window in but more drainage in window well is NOT the answer/solution for a leaky basement, but go ahead n try, have fun. Another reason why window wells and foundation walls SHOULD have been backfilled with all gravel from the start

“Love on the rocks, ain’t no big surprise, just pour an INT system guy a drink and he’ll tell ya 59 lies”

Mark is having a serious effect on my shares of stock in FLEX SEAL! :crazy_face:

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hahaha okay Joe!

Excelant Mark. On allmost every inspection I am explaining the importance of proper gutter cleaning, drainage, window wells, and grading of surface water. So many want to jump to Drylock water proofing. Stop the water at the source.

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