what do ya know, exterior waterproofing and a former HI who doesn't get-it

Exterior basement waterproofing
Not crapping on the guy, just bringing up a few honest points.
1:45… should NOT pile soil on–along the open trench! This is a mistake, they got lucky as some other do but that weight can cause the bank to cave-in and hurt or kill someone, sheesh.
QUESTION— he doesn’t say “where” the homeowner was getting water in… one area, two areas etc? I bring this up because some contractors talk/bs homeowners into more work, more footage than is necessary!

This basement, wherever it was leaking would have leaked more, more often if clay had been used as backfill.

2:20 black plastic perforated rain tile, in many area it’s more than 4’ deep so for those who believe in drain tiles, the manufacturer says do NOT use it at depths greater than 4’, it can get crushed by the weight of the backfill.

2:30 No visqueen, no nothing protecting the tar, not good.

Sheesh, just saying if one is going to do this, don’t take cheap short cuts, do it right the first time. I’ll still take this any day over any interior basement drainage system

Former home inspector, yeah sure he’s likely a good guy n all that but c’mon… a dehumidifier? lool
Apparently this is his house, so he states… see the foundation walls? C’mon man!
Tom, you have exterior problems, openings etc on the outside of the foundation walls and likely some above grade and so that is where the water, moisture is entering. Installing 55 dehumidifiers will not repair/waterproof any of those exterior openings so water/moisture will continue to enter and… what shape/condition are the walls in on the EXTERIOR!?

Are they anything like this Tom? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dpGpiB7kQI)

Have anything like this open on the exterior of walls?
:45 gas line… 1:10 water line, plus the cracked, deteriorating parging etc… cmon!

Last two videos same house, here is what the INSIDE of basement wall looked like…
See the efflorescence, mold on inside wall? Yeah like Tom’s and many others.
He may have some bushes on the exterior near the wall(s) that soak up some water that would normally get in through the exterior cracks etc or concrete on the outside, who knows, just saying he HAS exterior problems that need fixin’

So for me lol, i would NOT buy his house unless he dropped the price to cover the needed waterproofing/other possible work.