Wow this is old.

How many have seen this? It is a first for me. Basically pull the door open and the prong connectors are in the door and it shuts it off! Close it and they connect.
Crazy! All knob and tube also!

MAY 037 (Small).jpg

MAY 038 (Small).jpg

Woops Wrong Folder

Shouse 037 (Small).jpg

Here is a NICE outlet!

Shouse 046 (Small).jpg

That outlet is awesome! good stuff.

I did an inspection last month on a 100+ yr old Tudor home with knob and tube throughout but had upgraded the service panel at some point recently. I recommended a licensed/qualified electrician examine :|__)

Neat house though.

You’ve never seen cartridge fuses?

NO! What do you take me for an OLD man! haha just kidding
I think i have seen one but didn’t realize it. Now i have.