Some one drinking to much

I think who ever laid out the street patern in Denver had to much to drink. There is no pattern or method to their maddness. Streets just up and change names at intersections.

I am already wanting to be back in Okla.where the streets are square and plumb. I would be more than happy to let Nick have this place.

Well, don’t come to metro Atlanta then, its just as bad here.

The names in Atlanta don’t change, they’re ALL “Peach tree”. :slight_smile:

Not ALL, just WAY too many. And many Do change at intersections, especially outside the Perimeter.

You wouldn’t like Pensacola either. Streets will change names four and five times over the length. Streets will end abruptly and then resume again a quarter mile away leading to such comments as "which Lee Street? I firmly believe the streets were laid out on the bed of the old cow and foot paths. Pensacola is actually older than St Augustine, FL but ST. Augustine has been continuous whereas Pensacola got abandoned for a time due to diseases like Malaria. And finally, it seems at least to me that the closest distance between two points is under construction. The new Florida symbol is the orange highway barrels / cones.

Try driving in and around Boston while the “Big Dig” construction was at it’s peak. Absolute NIGHTMARE.

You “left” coast types always find a way to snub the “right” coasters. :wink:

Though it’s hard to disagree when the lanes change on a daily basis. :freaked-:

Gotta Love Chicago 0/0 state & Madison, numbers go up from 0 south, north east and west. if you get lost in Chicago you cant count or dont know which way is north.

Works like a champ. All you have to do is burn your city to the ground and then when you rebuild, you can actually set it up sensibly! :smiley:

I live in the mountains almost a mile above (in elevation) Denver.

I live so far out in the country, the street signs are gone and they have
no name. … “Just trn left at the ole cotten gin, goin down the lockout road
that swings right to the fork goin toward the neches river crossin, em r
thar and u can’t miss it”…:roll:

Went to one this morning in the boondocks…the directions given were…"You go past the house with all the junk cars in the yard and you will see a pig trail going off down in a gulley to the right. Follow that cause if you don’t you won’t ever get turned around. Once you get to the end of the trail it gets pretty nice and opens up…I was packing heat for that trip. Most of the “pig trail” looked like a dry creek bed.

When the dirt trail turns into a flowing creek bed, I know I’m getting close…:mrgreen:
Lift your pants up when you get out of the truck and watch for snakes!!!

Hey now… I might live in San Diego, but I am an east coaster through and through. Born and raised in Delaware, college in Virginia, moved to Boston for a couple years, and have been in SD for the last year-and-a-half. Great place, but ultimately I gotta back to the RIGHT coast :wink: