Chicago Nachi say's shame

All Members of Nachi Chicago should be at the party and not hanging out here.
That goes for you too Linas:roll:


Don’t worry, we have a long night yet.

ROTFLMAO maybe you need a break from the keyboard. :slight_smile:

My wife and I were gonna go but the weather forecast didn’t look promising for a safe return. In hindsight I guess we could have made it and got home fine. I’ve got an 11AM draw in some place called Harwood Heights. Been working on my new websites. (In my signature):wink:

Hey Bob we’re All down here in Waterloo. :shock:

Wastin" away in Kansas City ville.

Just ruined another Keyboard, Pepsi flying------:lol:

I would just sub-it to Condom—:^o (oops) Condo Bob------:lol:----:lol:

I’ve been busy today working on 3 new sites hosted by Dominic and registered some chicago home inspector/inspection domains.

Yeah I heard.
I am going to get

Thought of them all myself.

Thats what you get for moving to the sticks.(farmer boy)

Opps no quote.
Talkin to you Gary.:slight_smile:

I told you those things bust.

Head north young man.
There is more than twisters and flat land.

Made it home no snow.
Jeff just got done complainig how I was 2 month’s late on my dues.
(hey I was workin). When he pulled a rabbit out of a hat that said I won next years membership. hahaha (gotta lov it)

I hope you saved me bucket number six .

I picked up a few more: