Favorite Place to Live

Happy New Year everybody! I am just curious…if you could…where would you choose to move/live? Or are you content where you are. I have been to a few places on my travels but haven’t decided my favorite place yet. Just curious what others think.

Lakeside, Montana.

I can’t explain this in a short space, but it seems to me that just as the body has a need to be fed (nutrition) so do the senses. And in the same way that a plant turns to follow the sun, I’d be seeking food for my senses: rivers, streams, mountains, trees, and, yes, the birds and the bees.

9205 Hillside Dr.
Spring Valley, Ca

aka Margaritaville

lol the birds and the bees eh Keith? (grin)
Well I do know what you mean. My senses have had it with floods, rain, more rain, ice, snow, wind, more wind, power outages, more rain. I know there are many who have it worse (Colorado for one right now) but I NEED SUN! Do any of you live in Scottsdale and how do you like it? They do have lakes there where I am looking so it isn’t just desert. I love California too…but it is out of my price range, I do declare.
thank you for your replies.

it is in the 80’s in central Florida this weekend.

You just have to love this winter weather.

I believe I am in the best place I’ve ever lived in, across the USA…
I’ve lived in New England,(MA.) South Carolina, Florida, and finally Colorado, and like the climate here better than all those mentioned.
Too hot and muggy anywhere else.
I really like Colorado, and the growth, prices of real estate, etc. are a boon to my growing business. And although we’re getting a second snow storm in one weeks span, with blizzard conditions expected thru New Years, we just hunker down, and ride it out. There’s always plenty to do when u own a house… But we’ll stick to the fun stuff while waiting it out.
I’m perusing this board, and playing with “MemoriesOnTV” creating a slideshow for my wife’s recently scanned 1,000 slides that we finally put to digital media…what a challenge that was, to get behind us.

I wouldn’t trade this place for anything short of some lakefront property.(which I can’t afford, and it would have to be a REALLY nice place anywho)
I love the dry air, beautiful dry summers, yadda yadda yadda…

It is beautiful there.

I lived there in the early 70’s…about a half-mile from Ent Air Force Base. They were planning to turn it in to an Olympic training center when I left. I worked in the Chidlaw Building, downtown, for Gen Daniel “Chappie” James.

You could see the summer afternoon rain showers coming down from Pike’s Peak in time to plan around their two-hour arrival time. I loved it there.

Telluride Colorado.

On my sailboat following the weather, hopefully based out of the Bay of Islands, NZ

I lived in Scottsdale, AZ for 15 years…I loved it in the beginning…but now it is HUGE…and BUSY…and the people aren’t the friendliest…cost of living is extremely high to just move there as well…housing prices are much higher now than they were even 5 years ago. That being said…you will love Scottsdale if you never have to fight traffic to go to work…and you don’t mind 110+ degree weather from as early as April to as late as October…

I moved to Colorado almost 5 years ago and I love it…hunting is good, fishing is good, the people are very friendly…economy could be better…at least for me just starting over after becoming lazy and bitter…:wink:

Brinnon :smiley:

Well then Hello Colorado! (I Might wait til the snow calms down tho to visit there.) hey just curious…how long does the snow stay in Colorado normally? I mean Seattle has rain from October thru about May…so what I am looking for is more sun. Rainy days and Mondays always bring me dowwwwwwn. Sunny days are great uppers even if it’s cold.

I have two choices. One is to stay here on my 10 acres at the base of Mt. Rainier, quiet, 4 seasons, and a short distance from everything I want.

Choice 2 is back in Santa Barbara. The only problem is the price. I could sell everything here in Washington and have a nice down payment for a shack down on the “bad” side of SB. The weather is great most of the time, the beach is a short distance from anywhere in town and other than the housing, the cost of living isn’t much higher than anywhere else.

But that is what hard work is for. Work hard, vacation hard. Best of both worlds. I fly down for 4-5 days every month.

My wife and I have discussed this and the number one location seems to be somewhere in Maine–year-round. We hate the heat and can adjust to the cold. We’ve both lived in cold-weather areas and know what we’re in for.

Besides, if Marcel can do it, I can do it.

(Maybe I could inspect part-time for someone around there…)

Summer: Maine (some where between Bar Harbor and Belfast) OR any part of Lower Cape Cod.

Winter: Las Vegas (my wife and I share an affection for Omaha, 7 Card Stud and of course Texas Hold’em

Been up and down the east coast from Nova Scotia to Key west more times than I care to recount. I’ll take a nice little place in the hills of South Carolina or Northern Georgia.


I hate bringing up these kinds of things, because they don’t mean too much to many people, … makes for interesting bragging rights for the mayor, et.al… I think the word is getting around,



I’ll happily stay on my 40 acres of farmland nestled in the rolling unglaciated hills of Platteville, Wisconsin!

And I should add that the snow never stays here, this is a rare year for the weather.:roll:
Having lived in New England for most of my first 22 years or so, the winters in Colorado (this part anyways) are very mild in comparison.

Most days are sunny and dry, with moderate temperatures in both winter and summer.
We are expecting temps going back into the 50’s by Monday and Tuesday of next week…
adios to this shortlived blizzard stuff… http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/16/16_6_18.gif